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Important Messages
  •  Please bring all medications with you to every doctor's visit. 


  • ​The best way to reach us is by email as we are a very busy office.

  • If you are experiencing symptoms such as coughing, fever, flu, and sore throat, please wear a mask.

Afterhour Care

Please use our Bathurst North after-hours clinic instead of going to a walk in clinic. After hours care is conducted both virtually and in person.


You will speak with and/or be seen by one of our colleagues 

About us

Our Team

Dr. Paul Forman

Dr. Paul Forman, MD

Dr. Paul Forman graduated in 1993, in July 1996 he moved to Canada where he started his medical practice. In 2003, he moved to Thornhill, Ontario, where he has been ever since. Dr. Forman is registered with the Canadian College of Family Physicians and is Certified in Family Medicine.

Dr. Leandra Forman

Dr. Leandra Forman, MD

Dr. Leandra Forman is a Family Physician, who is registered with the Canadian College of Family Physicians and is Certified in Family Medicine.  Dr. Leandra Forman's practice is currently focused on women's health and children, including newborn care.

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Before Your Visit...

Afterhours Coverage

For afterhours coverage, please contact BN doctors at 416-477-2844 or visit this link, which is a family doctor providing same day coverage who will assist you

Our Clinic

If you have a specific medical question for your doctor or need a refill of your prescription, please book an appointment online


If your refill is urgent, please note that your pharmacist is allowed to give you your prescription provided it is not a controlled substance, without doctors approval until your appointment is available


Afterhour Assistance

We are part of Bathurst North Family Doctors


Contact Us

Contact Us



Tel : 905-764-0005
Alt:  905-604-1303
Fax: 905-764-0044

Opening Hours

Mon - Thu

10:00 am – 6:00 pm


9:30 am – 1:00 pm




Schedule varies - see schedule booking for availability

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