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Family Medicine

Dr. Paul Forman, MD

Dr. Paul Forman graduated in 1993, in July 1996 he moved to Canada where he started his medical practice. In 2003, he moved to Thornhill, Ontario where he has been ever since. Dr. Forman has worked extensively in Emergency and regularly attends CME conferences including Harvard Medical School. Dr. Forman is registered with the Canadian College of Family Physicians and is Certified in Family Medicine.


Dr. Leandra Forman, MD

Dr. Leandra Forman is an experienced Family Physician who has been practicing General medicine for the past 25 years. Dr. Forman's practice is currently focused on women's health and children, including newborn care.





Internist & Geriatrician

Dr. Mireille Norris, MD

Dr. Norris is an internist who completed a specialty in Internal medicine at the University of Montreal in 1996 and a geriatrician who completed her training at the University of Toronto in 1999. Dr. Norris when on to further her training with a fellowship at Baycrest and a Master's in Health Sciences hospital administration from the University of Toronto completed in 2001. Her experience includes 4 years at St-Michael's hospital where she developed a special interest in dementia and focus by collaborating in a multidisciplinary memory clinic and the Behavioural Neurological Association of University of Toronto as well as a systematic review on fall prevention in Long term Care endorsed by the Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health care and published in the Canadian Geriatric Society Journal. Since 2005 Dr. Norris is on Staff at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and is educational director of the Hospitalist Training Program which she developed, her other interest includes dementia care, fall prevention, chronic pain management, and medical education. She is cross-appointed to the division of general internal medicine and geriatric medicine. She is welcoming the opportunity to provide her expertise to the Summeridge Health Centre and to collaborate with Dr. Paul and Leandra Forman to support evidence-based and patient centre quality healthcare.

Internist & Endocrinology
Dr. Faranak Ghorveh, MD


Dr. Neil Mehdiratta, MD

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